remi gai

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Crypto enthusiast since 2017.

I am an investor at 8 Decimal Capital, focusing on crypto and blockchain. Previously, I started my own blockchain development firm, worked as a product manager, and studied neuroscience.

Having lived in France, China, and the US, I had the privilege to explore multiple cultures and connect with people from all walks of life. I have taught courses on cultural adaptation to 60+ people and always look for creative ways to expand my network and deepen my relationships.

During my free time, I enjoy freestyling in popping/hip-hop, cooking, and photography. If you’d like to connect or reach out for any inquiries, message me at <remigai93> (at) <gmail> (dot) <com>.

Morning habits⚡ that help me enjoy and do more (in this order): Exercise, Meditation (Vipassana), Journaling (Gratitude+Top Tasks+Mind Dump), Cold Shower, Learning.


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